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Sycee Capital, LLC believes that China is the real market of opportunity for the 21st Century. It is rapidly becoming a major global industrial power with sustainable high single-digit growth and relative low inflation. We believe that Sycee Capital has a unique skill set; the ability to analyze Chinese companies and the market as well as a thorough understanding of the Chinese mindset that is absolutely essential from the macro viewpoint.

Why China?

  • Growing Economic Heft.
  • Undervalued.
  • Untapped potentials are being unleashed by political, social and economic reforms.
  • Is among the highest GDP per capita growth.
  • High equity market capital formation.

Why Sycee?

Sycee Capital, LLC

  • Sycee Capital, LLC manages dedicated Greater China portfolios. Greater China is defined as PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan.
  • Sycee Capital manages long-only portfolios and does not utilize leverage.
  • Team headed by John Hsu, with over 40 years experience in managing global portfolios.
  • Insight from direct access to business leaders and other key contacts in Greater China.
  • Superior double-digit performance since 2004.

A sycee was a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in China until the 20th century


Growth of a $1,000,000 Investment...


Investment Philosophy: We believe that superior long-term performance is achievable via a better top down understanding of China’s policies and goals.


Preservation of capital over the long-term is the primary concern of Sycee Capital, LLC. We do not believe extreme risk positions are necessary in order to achieve consistent and superior returns. Using our global top-down perspective, we combine our risk-averse investment strategies with the longer-term needs and objectives of our clients. As long-term investors, in general we tend to make investment decisions in a two to three year timeframe.

Market Overview

The market is consumed by the political rhetoric coming out of Washington. However, the most important overriding factors are still a vastly improving global economy and rising corporate earnings. This is ultimately the tide that shifts share prices...Learn More

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