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Sycee Capital, LLC believes that China is the real market of opportunity for the 21st Century. It is rapidly becoming a major global industrial power with sustainable high single-digit growth and relative low inflation. We believe that Sycee Capital has a unique skill set; the ability to analyze Chinese companies and the market as well as a thorough understanding of the Chinese mindset that is absolutely essential from the macro viewpoint.

Why China?

  • Growing Economic Heft.
  • Undervalued.
  • Untapped potentials are being unleashed by political, social and economic reforms.
  • Is among the highest GDP per capita growth.
  • High equity market capital formation.

Why Sycee?

Sycee Capital, LLC

  • Sycee Capital, LLC manages dedicated Greater China portfolios. Greater China is defined as PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan.
  • Sycee Capital manages long-only portfolios and does not utilize leverage.
  • Team headed by John Hsu, with over 40 years experience in managing global portfolios.
  • Insight from direct access to business leaders and other key contacts in Greater China.
  • Superior double-digit performance since 2004.

A sycee was a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in China until the 20th century


Growth of a $1,000,000 Investment...


Investment Philosophy: We believe that superior long-term performance is achievable via a better top down understanding of China’s policies and goals.


Preservation of capital over the long-term is the primary concern of Sycee Capital, LLC. We do not believe extreme risk positions are necessary in order to achieve consistent and superior returns. Using our global top-down perspective, we combine our risk-averse investment strategies with the longer-term needs and objectives of our clients. As long-term investors, in general we tend to make investment decisions in a two to three year timeframe.

Market Overview

In his infinite wisdom, President Trump has chosen to take the path of confrontation regarding global trade. It is clear that he has in mind to fulfill much, if not all, of his campaign promises. The commitment, though most honorable, is nevertheless fraught with all sorts of dangers whether by his style of negotiation or the usual unintended consequences...
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