Market Overview

Market Overview

Mid-month Commentary, October 22, 2018

The analysis on China from over here is often wrong because most either have a
bone to pick against a communist regime or don't understand the "Chinese
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Global Overview, July 13th, 2018

The market is consumed by the political rhetoric coming out of Washington. However, the most important overriding factors are still a vastly improving global economy and rising corporate earnings. This is ultimately the tide that shifts share prices.
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Global Overview, April 12th, 2018

In his infinite wisdom, President Trump has chosen to take the path of confrontation regarding global trade. It is clear that he has in mind to fulfill much, if not all, of his campaign promises. The commitment, though most honorable, is nevertheless fraught with all sorts of dangers whether by his style of negotiation or the usual unintended consequences...
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Global Overview, January 12th, 2018

For many professional money managers, 2017 was an extraordinary year, especially in contrast to the performance of the previous year...
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China Update, January 25, 2017

In the past we have stated that China is probably the most misunderstood economic system in the world. It is a blend of totalitarianism (quite a mouthful) and free enterprise. Dictatorship exits at the top but in commerce our version of free enterprise flourishes among the ordinary citizenry. Over the last few years many in the west had predicted numerous hard landings for the Chinese economy. Debt load, shadow banking, etc. usually get cited as the triggers. None have materialized...
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