Why Sycee

Why Sycee?

Sycee Capital, LLC

  • Sycee Capital, LLC manages dedicated Greater China portfolios. Greater China is defined as PRC, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan.
  • Sycee Capital manages long-only portfolios and does not utilize leverage.
  • Team headed by John Hsu, with over 40 years experience in managing global portfolios.
  • Insight from direct access to business leaders and other key contacts in Greater China.
  • Superior double-digit performance since 2004.

A sycee was a type of silver or gold ingot currency used in China until the 20th century

Portfolio Manager Biography

John Hsu

John Hsu is the Principal of Sycee Capital, LLC, and the Chairman and CIO of John Hsu Capital Group, Inc. Mr. Hsu has a native knowledge of China and is fluent in three dialects. He frequently travels to China to maintain his family and business relationships. During the early 70’s, Mr. Hsu was one of the earliest U.S. proponents of global investing.

Mr. Hsu has extensive experience in the investment business, focusing on global asset management since 1970. Prior to founding John Hsu Capital Group, Inc., Mr. Hsu worked for Sandy Weill as Senior Vice President - Investments at Primerica, now Citigroup. Before joining Mr. Weill at Primerica’s predecessor company, Commercial Credit in early 1987, he was a Managing Director of Greenspan O’Neil Associates, an asset management firm then headed by Alan Greenspan before his appointment as chairman of the Federal Reserve.

During his career, Mr. Hsu has been associated with The Dreyfus Fund, Gulf + Western Industries and The JC Penney Insurance Companies. While at Gulf + Western, Mr. Hsu founded Columbus Circle Investors Corp., then a wholly-owned subsidiary specializing in the management of captive pension and insurance assets. He also initiated an investment management operation for JC Penney Financial Services.

Mr. Hsu was educated in England, Mauritius and the United States. He is a long-standing member of the CFA Institute and the New York Society of Security Analysts. Mr. Hsu formerly served as a Governor of the Iowa State University Foundation, as a member of its Finance Committee.